Battenkill Inspired

Battenkill Inspired

Battenkill Inspired: The Flow of Creativity, Ingenuity and the River is a series of mini-video documentaries based on a popular exhibition curated by the Folklife Center in 2015.

In 2017 we organized a team of Folklife Staff and college interns to tell individual stories about life and work along the Battenkill, utilizing the equipment and techniques we had begun to develop for earlier videos within our series, Portraits: Documentary Shorts.

In February 2018 we kicked off the series with a social media campaign, releasing one video every Friday for 30 weeks on our YouTube channel. We then shared the entire series with the local community by loading them onto touch-screen kiosks located throughout the Battenkill corridor.

There are currently 30 videos in all, each approximately 2 minutes in length featuring an intimate look at the Battenkill's impact on the history, local arts, sites, and activities of the region.